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Student Motivation

  • Children's Literature as a Springboard for Music
    Maintains that children's literature is a treasure waiting to be discovered by music educators. Describes how children's literature can enhance student motivation, creativity, and foster multicultural education.
  • Constructing Conceptions of Multicultural Teaching: Preservice Teachers' Life Experiences and Teacher Education
    Addresses the need for greater understanding of the complex, contradictory nature of preservice teachers' life experiences as they interact with a multicultural, social reconstructionist teacher education course. The paper describes a study of the course and portrays two students' prior experiences that influenced their motivations to teach multiculturally.
  • Creating Highly Motivating Classrooms for All Students: A Schoolwide Approach to Powerful Teaching with Diverse Learners. The Jossey-Bass Education Series
    This book focuses on teaching diverse students, providing a pedagogical framework and concrete strategies that school staff and educators can use in the context of: professional development related to school renewal; professional development related to K-12 teaching; and teaching strategies for K-12 classrooms.
  • Everyday Heroes
    Designed for low-level adult learners, this book contains true stories of 20 men and women who have faced and overcome serious challenges in their lives. The book is intended to inspire and motivate developmental students in basic reading and writing classes.
  • Motivation and schooling in the middle grades
    This review examines recent developments in research on social-cognitive theories of motivation during adolescence and the ways in which such research can be applied to the reform of middle grade schools. Results suggest that effective reform must consider the multiple contexts in which students interact.
  • Phytochemistry and Culture
    Describes a trend in science teaching marked by shifts in philosophies and practices and by a search for science content that draws from the experiences of a culturally diverse student population. (DDR).
  • Teacher Practices and Student Motivation in a Middle School Program for African American Males
    Examined an instructional program emphasizing African American history and culture to determine classroom experiences and the program's impact on academic motivation for the 18 African American male middle school students. Data provide mixed support for the relationships among autonomy, control, perceived competence, and intrinsic motivation postulated by cognitive evaluation theory.
  • Teaching through Diversity
    Argues that one of the richest vehicles for enhancing students' classroom learning is the diversity of the student body itself. Integrating diversity into the classroom process also increases motivation and facilitates development of social, cognitive, and communication skills necessary for today's multicultural workforce.
  • The Academic Achievement of Minority Students: Perspectives, Practices, and Prescriptions
    This book presents a collection of papers by educators and researchers who discuss various methods of improving minority student achievement.