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Holistic Approach

  • Cooperative Learning in Israel's Jewish and Arab Schools: A Community Approach
    Describes the creation of the cooperation, investigation, literacy, and community (CILC) model within a holistic educational project in Acre, a Jewish-Arab mixed city in northern Israel, focusing on the implementation of cooperative learning at the schools and the work of the dropout investigative task force which was created to build community in the city and prevent dropout. (SM).
  • Inclusive Schooling in a Plural Society: Removing the Margins
    A multi-centric model of education is proposed that actively works to de-center dominant Eurocentric knowledge and incorporate other worldviews throughout all aspects of teaching and learning. The model has four primary learning objectives: integrating multiple centers of knowledge, affecting social and educational change, recognizing and respecting difference, and teaching youth and community empowerment.
  • Multicultural and Globalized Education: International Students' Perspective
    This study examined the nature and needs of international students in American higher education within the context of multicultural and globalized educational programs and support services. Most international students are considered developmental upon admission into postsecondary institutions.
  • Teaching and Learning with the Seventh Generation: The "Inward Bound" Experience
    Pre-health freshmen from a New York university worked at a traditional Mohawk community in return for lessons in Iroquois spirituality, healing, and ecology. Reciprocity between community members and students alleviated problems related to appropriation of Native American traditions and "great white hope" philanthropy, and deepened students' recognition of compassion and understanding of healing.