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Educational Experience

  • Between the Lines: School Stories
    Reviews five stories that can introduce students to youthful narrators whose dreams and thoughts may be quite similar to their own, but whose cultural backgrounds may be very different. Using stories about school experience generates discussion about prejudice and discrimination.
  • Black Students in Teacher Education
    Examines black student's experiences in initial teacher education, and reveals what still needs to be done before these students can receive the same positive treatment as their white colleagues. The author presents research revealing the various forms of racism, discrimination, and stereotyping that create these negative educational experiences and suggests what teacher education can do to prevent replicating them.
  • Campus Racial Climate Policies: The View from the Bottom Up
    Reviews debates over campus multicultural goals from the perspectives of university officials and 433 students. The role of campus experiences and diverse racial/ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds in shaping these opinions was considered.
  • Finding the Multivoiced Self: A Narrative
    Suggests that implementing strategies of multicultural education and awareness must also entail the recognition of multiple voices. Describes the author's experiences growing up at the intersection of the politics of voice, power, class, and race.
  • Sociocultural Factors Affecting School Culture for African American Students: A Case Study
    The case study of an all-male Catholic college preparatory school illustrates that, although the school appears to be a model school, African American students do not feel connected to the school community or culture, and many experience alienation, frustration, and racial prejudice at the school. Initial interview questions were pretested with 10 students, and then surveys of 66 members of the larger student population and 10 faculty members were conducted.
  • Understanding the Context of the "Other" Education: Black and White Students Talk about Their Experiences at Lone Star University, a Predominantly White Institution of Higher Education in the South
    This study examined students perceptions of campus racial climate and the effects it has on their growth and development while attending a predominantly white research university (Research 1 classification) where black students are less than 3% of the student body. The study sought to illuminate the perceptions of campus climate and development as experienced by black and white students.