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  • Education. CUNY Panel: Rethinking the Disciplines. Women in the Curriculum Series
    This collection of four essays examines the ways in which education, as a discipline, currently reflects ongoing scholarship on gender, race, ethnicity, social class, and sexual orientation. In "Teacher Education and Multicultural Education: Research, Students, and Teaching" Carl A.
  • Predictors of Success in Urban Teaching: Analyzing Two Paradoxical Cases
    Uses case-study methods to compare the urban field-teaching experience of two undergraduate teacher-education students. Identifies factors that contributed to one student teacher's success and the other's failure.
  • Restructuring Urban Schools: A Chicago Perspective
    The Chicago (Illinois) School Reform Act of 1988 set in motion a chain of reform efforts that have been the subject of considerable study. The plan emphasizes returning control of the schools to parents and the community through school-based management and local school councils.
  • Schools and classrooms as caring communities
    Asserts that in order to teach social responsibility, schools themselves must become communities in which all children are contributing valued members. Potential benefits of groups; The Child Development Project; `Developmental discipline'; Meeting children's needs; Literature-based reading programs; Schools as caring families.