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Classroom Research

  • Constructing Multiple Subjectivities in Classroom Literacy Contexts
    Demonstrates ways in which three students in a multi-age, literature-based grade 3/4 classroom constructed and reconstructed their subjectivities based on demands of the social setting. Notes that each student's participation was influenced by gender, social class, ethnicity, and the task.
  • Exploring Culture through Children's Connections
    Shares one teacher's attempts to highlight diversity and children's cultures in authentic ways. Examines three children's connections to culture and their own cultural identities by looking at issues they explored across the school year (family, family and religion, and ethnicity).
  • Interrupting "Truths," Engaging Perspectives, and Enlarging the Concept of "Human" in Classroom Drama
    Summarizes the author's doctoral dissertation research--a longitudinal, multi-case study of drama practices at the tenth-grade level in a Catholic secondary school for girls. Examines the ways drama education engages girls' experiences and personal/cultural knowledge and expands the perspectives and discourses available to them.
  • Literacy and Bilingualism: A Handbook for ALL Teachers
    This handbook provides background information, ideas for classroom instruction, and suggestions for reflective practice for teachers of literacy and bilingual students. All approaches described here encourage the integration of all language skills in teaching literacy.