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Social Theories

  • Nailing Jell-O To the Wall
    Discusses various facets of curriculum theorizing in education, describing five characteristics of contemporary curriculum theorizing and expanding on two: (1) the politics of social and cultural theory and social difference, which undergirds and is the dominant premise from which much curriculum, theorizing is currently undertaken and (2) the struggle between traditionalist and reconceptualization approaches to curriculum theorizing. (SM).
  • New Dramas for New Identities
    Describes the use of a drama conducted within an educational setting to help students better understand the complexities of identity formation and prepare them to live in a multiracial society. The drama's effectiveness in fostering an understanding of cultural identities is assessed in light of changing social theories that question multicultural and antiracist education.
  • Presence of Mind: Education and the Politics of Deception: A Dialogue with Pepi Leistyna
    Pepi Leistyna's book "Presence of Mind" discusses how schools of education deter teachers from understanding the world's complex political, historical, social, and economic realities. Educators must develop what C.
  • The Nostalgia of Art Education: Reinscribing the Master's Narrative
    Presents a psychoanalytic critique of an advertisement for the Getty Center for Education in the Arts multicultural program. Applying principles derived from Lacan, Foucault, and Derrida, reveals basic racist, sexist, and elitist assumptions embedded in the advertisement.
  • The Political Correctness Controversy Revisited
    Maintains that the inclusion of diverse views to enhance understanding is one of the central tenets of education. Briefly summarizes the arguments for and against multicultural education and calls for a more tolerant and open dialog between conservative and liberal factions.