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Montessori Method

  • A Multicultural Perspective. Spotlight: Cosmic Education
    Discusses how Montessori's Cosmic Education framework addresses issues of unity and diversity in a multicultural world view. Considers five key points of this approach that meet challenges of a multicultural world: the unity of all beings, the role of evolution in life, interdependence in nature, physical and spiritual needs of humans, and the cosmic task of humanity.
  • Creating Montessori Bilingual Programs. Spotlight: Montessori--Multilingual, Multicultural
    Discusses presentation given by Rigoberta Menchu, 1992 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, at a meeting with Hispanic child caregivers in California. Discusses family life and childrearing among Guatemala's Mayan people, traditional ceremonies and symbols, becoming a leader, and the Mayan experience of resisting oppression.
  • Cultivating the Natural Linguist. Spotlight: Montessori--Multilingual, Multicultural
    Describes Montessori's vision of young children as natural linguists and how home and school can support children's natural abilities in one or more languages. Presents five basic principles of second-language acquisition--related to educational environment, the acquisition process, components of proficiency, and cultural context and time--and describes how they can be successfully met in a Montessori environment.
  • Early Childhood Bilingualism in the Montessori Children's House: Guessable Context and the Planned Environment. Spotlight: Montessori--Multilingual, Multicultural
    Describes the InterCultura Montessori School language immersion program in Oak Park, Illinois. Profiles the work of several children to illustrate important language learning strategies.
  • Pinunuuchi Po'og'ani: Southern Ute Indian Academy
    Describes the Pinunuuchi Po'og'ani, the Southern Ute Indian Academy, providing Montessori education for Southern Ute tribal members ages 6 weeks through 10 years and reviving the use of the Southern Ute language and culture among young students and their families. Describes how the program supports families, students, and staff, and incorporates Montessori-style materials covering Ute language, history, culture, arts, timelines, and traditional games.
  • To Touch the Spirit of the Child: A Multicultural Perspective
    Describes educational thinkers who pursue the intangibles in relation to children's education, and argues these intangibles are equally important as developing cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills. Enumerates the universal needs of the educational process as including dialog (good listening and observation), bonding, and a spiritual perspective on the human condition.
  • Voices of Cultural Harmony. Spotlight: Montessori--Multilingual, Multicultural
    Asserts the importance of viewing the world as an interrelated system in which each culture and person has important gifts to share. Examines how prejudicial attitudes can be changed through teaching tolerance.