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Field Studies

  • An America Curriculum?
    Using data from a one-year field study of elementary and secondary social studies classes, the paper examines images of America actually being conveyed in elementary and secondary school classrooms, considering how schools are serving the purposes of Americanization and assimilation while the traditional study of America is being renegotiated and discussing what is influencing the provision of certain messages. (SM).
  • Multicultural Education: Urban-Based Field Study for Learning about Diversity
    Cornell University offers an urban semester in New York City focused on diversity, multicultural education, and field-based learning. Components include an internship or community project, multicultural seminar, and in-depth study of diversity issues.
  • Native American Perspectives
    On the Fajada Butte in New Mexico, 11th-century Anasazi constructed a site that marks the high and low points of the orbits of the sun and the moon. This unit on astronomy challenges students to think differently about the moon and about the ability of native people to understand the natural world.
  • Steps in the Plantain Project: The Ideas, Activities, and Experiences of the Plantain Project, a Scheme To Safeguard Children and their Environment
    The Plantain Project focuses on the vulnerable aspects of children's local environments. The project is designed to safeguard children in their own communities in Kristiansand, Norway through the participation of local elementary schools.