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Beyond the Popular and Politically Correct: Multicultural Education and the Reform of Theatre Pedagogy

Multicultural education is still a relatively new trend in the American system of higher education. As with any new pedagogy, there is a tendency to reduce the genuine possibility of educational reform to mere superficiality--good intentions lacking substance. Behind the "camouflage" of politically correct language and actions, individuals need not admit their attitudes of racism, sexism, and classism.

  • Author/Creator: Becker, Becky K.
  • Date Published: 11-00
  • Notes: Connect to the catalog at the library of the University of Colorado at Boulder. English Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Speech Communication Association (82nd, San Diego, CA, November 23-26, 1996). Document (RIE) 120 Opinion Papers; 150 Speeches/Meeting Papers EDRS: EDRS Price MF01/PC01 Plus Postage.
  • Year: 1996

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