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Second Languages

  • Curriculum Issues in the Relationship between Language, Culture and Learning: The Case of Food and Beverage Management Teaching
    Hotel management students in Hong Kong (n=65) reported that foundation courses were essential to their careers, but 61% had problems understanding the curriculum. Causes were cultural differences in food styles and/or the fact that most Cantonese-speaking students were learning in their second language (English) and most of the multicultural faculty were teaching in their second language.
  • Meeting Today's Challenges: Two New Majors for the Language Student
    The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at Pace University (New York) has responded to uneven language enrollments by developing two new majors: (1) modern languages and cultures, in which students must demonstrate proficiency in any two modern languages offered, and (2) language, culture, and world trade, an interdisciplinary applied humanities program. Both address the need for multicultural education.