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Recreational Activities

  • Diversity, Differences and Leisure Services. Research Update
    Summarizes recent research on diversity, examining similarities and differences between diverse groups and noting the implications for recreation professionals. Presents several common principles that recreation professionals must consider in programming for diverse populations (training and education about diversity, cooperation and advocacy, social inclusion and choices, personal and psychological safety, and involving participants in planning).
  • Enhancing Multicultural Sensitivity through Teaching Multiculturally in Recreation. Research Update
    This paper addresses the utilization of teaching from a multicultural perspective to enhance multicultural sensitivity and awareness, discussing the inclusion of multicultural teaching in the university recreation curriculum and the delivery of leisure services. The concepts of multiculturalism are presented, explaining how to incorporate them into recreation and leisure curricula.
  • Research Update. Multicultural Training in Parks and Recreation Programs
    Parks and recreation professionals need training in multicultural education to handle an increasingly diverse public. Research indicates that most graduate parks-and-recreation education programs do not have multicultural education or gender issues infused into the curriculum.