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Professional Associations

  • African Languages at the K-12 Level. ERIC Digest
    The teaching of African languages in the United States at the elementary and secondary levels is rare, but a number of schools offer one or more of the major African languages for instruction. This digest looks at the current state of African language instruction in the United States at the elementary and secondary levels and is divided into the following sections: Heritage language; legislation promoting language instruction; teacher qualifications; professional organizations; and resources.
  • CACD Journal, 1998-1999
    This publication of the California Association for Counseling and Development for 1998-1999 supports the organizational goals of leadership, inquiry, discovery, excellence, and innovation. It attempts to identify the current issues of concern in the counseling field and to share research to help improve the professional learning community.
  • Increasing Awareness and Implementation of Cultural Competence Principles in Health Professions Education
    Cultural competence is being recognized as an essential skill by allied health accrediting and professional organizations. However, more information is needed on the types and content of courses or other activities intended to explore cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity issues related to health care.
  • Promoting Multicultural Education: A Holistic Approach
    Discusses the efforts by many of the major student affairs professional associations to develop training and teaching methods that will prepare practitioners for the changing student populations on university campuses. Article summarizes the critical multicultural objectives from the most recent student affairs philosophy statements and applies theory to practice from a holistic perspective.