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Outdoor Education

  • Breaking Down the Walls: Camp/School Program Brings Diverse Communities Together
    The Discovery Center (Ashford, Connecticut) is a camp/university/school program that provides a positive diversity experience to preadolescents through experiential education in an outdoor, residential setting. Students from at least four cultural groups are mixed for all cabin and lab groups, and all camp activities are retooled to pursue the goal of comprehensive diversity education.
  • Discovering Diversity
    Introduces a preservice teacher field trip to the rain forests and coastal areas. This experience develops an awareness for different cultures among preservice teachers by experiencing biological and cultural diversity in Costa Rica.
  • Place-Based Curriculum and Instruction: Outdoor and Environmental Education Approaches. ERIC Digest
    Place-based education is a relatively new term, but progressive educators have promoted the concept for over 100 years. Place-based education usually includes conventional outdoor education and experiential methodologies as advocated by John Dewey to help students connect with their particular corner of the world.