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Cultural Exchange

  • "I Wish I Could Have Been There Dancing with You": Linking Diverse Communities through Social Studies and Literature
    Profiles the Indiana Exchange Project, an endeavor that uses technology to link fourth-grade teachers and students from three geographically and ethnically diverse communities. The students exchange letters, photographs, response journals, local newspapers, and videotapes of classroom and community activities.
  • Anti-Racist Education, A Bibliography.
    The materials listed in this bibliography of resources on anti-racist education are part of the collection of the Manitoba Education and Training Library.
  • School Exchanges: A Tool for Mutual Understanding in a Multicultural Society. Report of the Conference
    The sixth meeting of the Council of Europe Network on school links and exchanges, held in Solothurn, Switzerland, from October 5-7, 1995, was attended by delegates from some 30 member states, observers from international and nongovernmental organizations, teacher trainers for school exchanges, and representatives of Swiss institutions and schools. Established 5 years ago on the initiative of the Council of Europe, the network was designed to develop exchanges among schools in all European countries.
  • The Chula/Fish Creek Connection
    Describes a social studies cultural exchange program between a public school and a Canadian native school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Outlines how the students became mutual inquirers into one another's cultures.
  • Using Our National Diversity as an Educational Resource
    Provides personal perspectives, both from a teacher and her students, on issues of multiculturalism and diversity. Recounts a number of incidents that illustrate some of the trickier aspects of multicultural education ("How do you feel about arranged marriages?").