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Chinese Culture

  • A Student's Guide to Chinese American Genealogy. Oryx American Family Tree Series
    This book provides a step-by-step guide to genealogical research in the United States and China for Chinese Americans.
  • China: Culture Kit: Activities, Projects, Poster, Audiotape, and Map. Grades 1-4
    This kit contains projects and activities to acquaint elementary students with the rich culture of China. Students may listen to an audiotape that features songs, stories, an interview with a child, and a mini-lesson on the Chinese language.
  • Chinese New Year Dragons
    Presents an art project, used in a culturally diverse curriculum, in which second grade students create Chinese New Year dragons. Describes the process of creating the dragons, from the two-week construction of the head to the accordion-folded bodies.
  • Stereotyping Chinese in Multicultural Art Education
    This paper examines the ways in which multicultural art education, the curriculum of "Multiculturalism Canada" and a renowned instructional text lack indigenous consideration and ignore alternative concepts of scholarship of art history. Although multicultural education is considered important in Canada, the paper contends that there are significant problems in its implementation.