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  • Shifting the Ground of the Familiar: Using Autobiography and Intercultural Learning in a Time of Transition
    Explores the challenges of living in an unfamiliar physical and cultural environment through the concepts of complexity, self-organization, and chaos. Discusses creative resilience, composed of risk taking, reflection, and relationships, and its role in adult learning for sustainability.
  • Teacher Education and the Cultural Imagination: Autobiography, Conversation, and Narrative
    This book argues for the importance of addressing the role of culture in the lives of student teachers. It explains how passionate dialogue in small groups about multicultural literature and autobiography can transform teachers' lives and practice, arguing for a broad and intellectual, yet practical and concrete, vision of teacher development in which teachers not only begin to explore issues of race and class, gender and culture, but also themselves as thinkers and articulate voices.
  • What Keeps Teachers Going?
    This book examines what can be learned from veteran teachers who not only continue to teach but also manage to remain enthusiastic about it despite deprivation and challenges.