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Art Criticism

  • Multicultural Reasoning and the Appreciation of Art
    Explicates a multicultural approach to art education that enhances critical thinking. Grounds this approach in the philosophical principles of constructivism that emphasize the student's construction of meaning rather than the passive transmission of knowledge from a teacher.
  • Rings: Five Passions in World Art. Multicultural Curriculum Handbook.
    This curriculum handbook uses a discipline based art education (DBAE) approach, and includes lessons appropriate for use with students in grades 3-12. Five units address themes of universally experienced emotions: love, anguish, awe, triumph, and joy.
  • The Nostalgia of Art Education: Reinscribing the Master's Narrative
    Presents a psychoanalytic critique of an advertisement for the Getty Center for Education in the Arts multicultural program. Applying principles derived from Lacan, Foucault, and Derrida, reveals basic racist, sexist, and elitist assumptions embedded in the advertisement.