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Rallying the Whole Village: The Comer Process for Reforming Education

Next to the family, the school has the most significant impact on children’s growth and development. The School Development Program (SDP), a school-reform initiative, was designed by Dr. James Comer to provide students with a nurturing, challenging, and supportive school environment. The process emphasizes mutual respect and collaboration among and between parents and school staff in creating a positive school climate and developing effective school- and classroom-level activities that support and nurture all children along multiple pathways.

  • Author/Creator: Comer, J.P., Haynes, N.M., Joyner, E.T., Ben-Avie, M.
  • Author's address: Teachers College Press 1234 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027
  • Notes: Comments: "”Over the last quarter century, often working against fearsome odds, James Comer’s School Development Program has achieved notable success in improving the quality of education in many American schools. In this wide-ranging book, Comer and his senior colleagues explain how they have accomplished this remarkable feat.”—Howard Gardner, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University ”For too many U.S. schools, the term educational reform has become a mere slogan resulting in very little positive change. This compelling volume shows educators and parents how much can be accomplished when we make the success of the child in every aspect of development our constant focus and our ultimate goal.”—Edward Zigler, Sterling Professor of Psychology, Yale University ”Dr. Comer starts with child development-each child, one by one-and he insists that the power of schooling arises from the quality of relationships among all the parties affecting each child. There is blood in Comer’s process; his is not another icy technocratic solution to education’s ills, driven by disrespect and threat. Quite the contrary. SDP is both insistent and humane, a rare combination. And it works. This new book brings SDPs many friends up to date on the extraordinary work that started in New Haven in 1968.”—Theodore R. Sizer, Brown University
  • Publisher: Teachers College Press
  • Year: 1996

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