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Women's Studies

  • 16 Extraordinary American Women
    This student book presents short biographies of notable women from diverse economic, ethnic, racial, social, and geographic backgrounds.
  • Constructing Conceptions of Multicultural Teaching: Preservice Teachers' Life Experiences and Teacher Education
    Addresses the need for greater understanding of the complex, contradictory nature of preservice teachers' life experiences as they interact with a multicultural, social reconstructionist teacher education course. The paper describes a study of the course and portrays two students' prior experiences that influenced their motivations to teach multiculturally.
  • Gender and Attainment: A Review
    This report covers studies and statistics that provide information about the attainment of Scottish boys and girls by the time they leave school. The report considers their performance in public examinations, differences in attainment between boys and girls in primary and earlier secondary school, and differential staying on rates and uptake of opportunities in further and higher education with particular reference to Scotland from 1985-95.
  • Mixed Media: A Roundup of New Microform and Electronic Products
    Reviews some microform research collections, ranging from government records to privately published historical materials. Topics reviewed include American Indians, educational reform in Japan, African American newspapers, women's issues, and various aspects of American history.
  • Women and Gender Studies and Multicultural Education: Building the Agenda for 2000 and Beyond
    Examines some of the tensions between women and gender studies and multicultural education, which include: understanding gender as a category of analysis; theoretical constructions of feminism; and building an educational agenda for social justice in an effort to further the agenda for 2000 and beyond. (SM).