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National Surveys

  • Alternative certification, minority teachers, and urban education
    Uses data from the Schools and Staffing Survey 1993-94 to study the link between alternative teacher certification, minority teachers, and urban education and to compare alternatively and traditionally certified minority teachers in urban schools. Alternative certification appears to be effective in recruiting minority teachers to urban schools.
  • Assessing Education's Response to Multicultural Issues
    Finds that, according to responses by administrators, most journalism/mass communication units accredited by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication seem to have done somewhat more than unaccredited units to sensitize students to a multicultural society and to hire minority faculty and recruit minority students. (SR).
  • Multicultural Issues in Predoctoral Internship Programs: A National Survey
    Examines the extent to which internship-training directors (ITDs) addressed multicultural issues in their predoctoral training programs. ITDs reported varied levels of attention to specific multicultural issues; ITDs at university counseling centers reported significantly greater attention to multicultural issues than did ITDs at community mental-health centers, state hospitals, medical schools, and private psychiatric hospitals.
  • Multicultural Issues in the Advertising Curriculum
    Argues that advertising students should understand ethnic markets. Finds that only 15% of surveyed advertising professors said their departments offer courses focused exclusively on multicultural issues, only 13% said students were required to take courses relevant to ethnic advertising outside of their department, and over half spent three hours or less on multicultural components in their general advertising courses.
  • Poll Confirms That Americans Want Diversity on Campuses
    A recent Ford Foundation national survey found that 71% of Americans think diversity education does more to bring Americans together than drive them apart. Two-thirds felt colleges and universities should take explicit steps to ensure student body diversity; three-fourths want to ensure faculty diversity.