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Intellectual Disciplines

  • Multicultural Education and Curriculum Transformation
    Describes five dimensions of multicultural education, focusing on the knowledge construction process in order to show how the cultural assumptions, frames of reference, and perspectives of mainstream scholars and researchers influence the ways in which academic knowledge is constructed to legitimize institutionalized inequity. (Author/SLD).
  • An Outsider's View Inside: 21st Century Directions for Multicultural Education
    Draws on the work of James A. Banks and adds the perspective of a cultural outsider to consider the future of the discipline of multicultural education, considering politics, technology, educational context, cultural capital, and the nature of culture.
  • Bleeding Boundaries or Uncertain Center? A Historical Exploration of Multicultural Education
    Explores historical trends in multicultural education related to its definition as a subject discipline. Discusses conceptual elements, common core, and discipline boundaries.
  • Dialogue of Cultures: The Israeli Experience
    The future of the Israeli society, like the future of all democratic, multicultural societies, will be determined by the ability to maintain a meaningful dialogue among its diverse groups: Jews and Arabs, immigrants from diverse cultures and socio-economic strata.
  • Big Win for Ethnic Studies at Berkeley
    University of California, Berkeley students and faculty from the ethnic-studies program protested budget cuts and faculty losses. The resulting agreement includes creation of a new ethnic-studies research center, establishment of a multicultural student center, and creation of eight faculty positions, five of them tenure-track.