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  • Controlling Curriculum Knowledge: Multicultural Politics and Policymaking
    Utilizes New York state's development and attempted implementation of multicultural education as a case study providing a concise yet thorough examination of the principles, objectives, and controversies surrounding this issue. Delineates the people and organizations involved in grass roots organizing and media representation on both sides of the issue.
  • Eurocentrism, Ethnic Studies, and the New World Order: Toward a Critical Paradigm
    Summarizes the general history and progress of what has been accomplished in the areas of ethnic studies and multicultural education. The article argues that ethnic studies programs are actively concerned with developing a paradigm that is anti-Eurocentric and antiracist in content and application.
  • Facing the Past: A Conversation with Jerry Stanley
    Presents an interview with Jerry Stanley in which he talks frankly about his view of history, his writing process, the creation of his historical works, and his personal past. (SG).
  • Finding a Path to History and Culture
    Maintains that music technology growth can assist teachers in implementing interdisciplinary approaches involving history, culture, and music. Presents suggested classroom strategies utilizing CD-ROMs and other interactive media technology.
  • Immigration and Multiculturalism: Issues in Australian Society and Schools
    Examines the relationship between immigration and multiculturalism in Australian society, beginning with a brief historical background on immigration. Discusses how teaching immigration and multiculturalism is constructed in the curriculum and probes the nature of the current debate over immigration policy and multiculturalism.
  • Multicultural Education in the United States: A Historical Review
    Examines the development, fluctuations, and growth of U.S. multicultural education from a historical perspective, from colonial times through the 20th century, concluding with some reflections on its future course.