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  • "Grandma's Place": An Intergenerational Literacy Center
    Describes a literature conference for the Harlem community on choosing and using self-affirming books for African American children. Describes Grandma's Place, a literacy and parent support center with an array of multicultural literature.
  • Drama Modes, Meanings, Methods and Multicultural Education
    Suggests that there is a strong affinity between multicultural and theater education. Argues that, through drama and theater, individuals can acquire a clearer visualization and deeper understanding of the topics, issues, themes, and concepts of multicultural education.
  • Empowering the Poor through Early Childhood Education
    Meeting children's needs for early childhood education is one of eight strategies identified by the Food and Agricultural Organization as necessary for the eradication of poverty. Explores how early childhood education might be funded in developing nations.
  • Making Space: Merging Theory and Practice in Adult Education
    This book represents the beginning dialogue and critique of social, political, economic, and historical forms of hegemony operating in the adult education field.
  • Multicultural Empowerment in Middle School Social Studies through Drama Pedagogy
    Discusses what multicultural empowerment means and why it should play a major role in educating middle-school students; how elements of multicultural empowerment can be incorporated into middle-school social studies; and how drama pedagogy can be used to integrate middle-school multicultural education and social studies, outlining a progression of six phases from origination to completion. (SR).
  • Multiculturalism and Diversity in Drama/Theatre Education: A Preconference
    Describes how the 1998 Multiculturalism and Diversity in Drama/Theatre Education: A Preconference came about, and briefly describes its activities and success. Offers ideas for future activities, and reminds readers of the critical necessity for action around issues of multiculturalism and diversity that transforms dreams into reality.
  • The Idolatry of Multicultural Education: A Prophetic Pragmatic Alternative?
    Criticizes the idolatry implicit in concepts of inclusion and empowerment in education and advocates the prophetic pragmatism of Cornel West (1989) as an alternative philosophical framework for education that responds to the same underlying moral purpose. Prophetic pragmatism offers a less-divisive plan for multicultural education than does the conflict between eurocentrism and multiculturalism.
  • Toward a Model of Psychological Health Empowerment: Implications for Health Care in Multicultural Communities
    The context for health empowerment includes individuals, health providers, and the regulatory environment. Psychological health empowerment consists of perceived control, perceived competence, and goal internalization.